Culinary Schools In Italy

Why you should attend ? Maybe you are just curious to discover something new in your life, or maybe you are a cooking lover and you want to know secrets behind good tasting dishes you eat. One more reason, not less important than the previous ones, is about job. Today, if you want your career in cooking, you need a good cooking education. You need to attend lessons, learn recipes and make experience. Its important to learn basics of cooking, then specializing in some specific kind of cooking.

Cooking is absolutely one of the most known elements of Italian culture in the world. Not just spaghetti or pizza, but a very large variety of good tasting dishes, coming from a long and consolidated tradition. Italian people is really proud of Italian gusto: Italian restaurants are appreciated in every part of the world. Thats why many people choose culinary schools in Italy. Main Italian cooking elements to focus on are fresh pasta, artisan gelato and Italian desserts, Italian artisan breads and pizza and regional Italian cuisine. This last aspect in very important, considering that each Italian region has its traditional recipes and products. Some examples, worldwide famous, are Prosciutto di Parma, a particular and very sweet kind of ham, and the Chianti of Tuscany, that is both a specific geographic area but also a very good tasting red wine.

Torre di Babele, one of the best culinary schools in Italy, is located in Rome, the capital city. It offers a very interesting way to learn how to cook Italian recipes. In facts its courses of cooking can be associated with Italian languages lessons. In this way you can learn Italian language and cooking at the same time. Attending a culinary school you will improve your vocabulary and your cooking skills, going deeply into Italian culture and tradition too. Thats why its important to directly study in Italy, where you have the opportunity to stay in close contact with the costumes and the spirit of the nation. Torre di Babele was founded in 1984 and since its opening, the school has focussed also on the teaching of culinary art to foreigners. The school attracts people and students from around the world from countries all across Europe, as well as North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Classes are made up of participants of all ages, with a majority of university students and young from 18 to 30.

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Analysis Of The Development Trend Of Fast-food Industry In The Future

In recent years, China’s fast-food industry has experienced 10 years of hardships. The industry has undergone the growing process from disorder to order, from grass to towering trees. In this process, there appears a group of leading enterprises such as the real kung fu fast food chain, Da Niang Dumpling and so on.

Meanwhile, the experts pointed out that “Although western fast food in our country has a good development at current. But because the Chinese people have developed eating habits for a long time and due to the irresistible delicious Chinese food, in the future Chinese fast food will continue to dominant China’s fast food market.”

The survey shows that in China’s fast-food market, 78.9% are Chinese fast-food restaurants, while 21.1% are Western-style fast food restaurants. Chinese fast food due to its price advantage and the taste advantages still accounts for most share of the domestic fast food market. This no doubt provides a huge and yet untapped market for the Chinese fast food industry.

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Looking for taste substitute

It’s every cook’s nightmare, running out of an necessary ingredient when you’re in the thick of whipping up a meal. So what do you do when you’re out of salt or vinegar? No, don’t make a dash for the shops. Just substitute.

1.Vinegar for Wine If you’ve run out of wine for that Sunday Roast, try vinegar or apple cider. Depending on what taste you’re aiming for, lemon, tomato and even grape juice are suitable replacements. If you’d prefer more of a bitter taste, use a substitute such as vinegar. If you’re aiming for sweetness, go for something like grape juice or apply cider.

2.Citrus or Garlic instead of salt The acidic nature of citrus juice allows for a powerful topping that is as flavorful as salt but much better for you. The heavy taste of garlic also assists make bland foods more pleading. Garlic and citrus juices go comfortably with just about anything, especially meats, potatoes and vegetables.

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Bagoong – Traditional Taste Enhancer In Philippines

Bagoong (pronounced as bah-goh-ong), is a popular condiments in Philippines, it is usually use as a flavoring for Filipino food or just for appetizer. Bagoong was usually prepared using a very small variety of shrimp or krill, anchovy or other small fishes. Bagoong is not only widely used in Philippines as it also use in Hawaii and other Pacific island as well. The process for making bagoong is by cleaning, curing by salt, and fermenting. The process usually takes from few days or a month. During the process of fermentation, a thin layer of liquid arises to the top and it is locally known as Patis (Fish sauce). Patis and bagoong use in same purposes. There are two popular variety of bagoong, bagoong isda and bagoong alamang. Alamang is usually pink in color while bagoong side is typically dark in color, bagoong isda also has a watery consistency while with alamang is more dense.
Bagoong na alamang is always prepared as a side sauce for kare kare, appetizer when served with fried or grilled fish and just a dipping for raw mango fruit. For some, the smell of fermented fish might be odorous and offensive, comparable with rotten fish but when it is cook for some it taste like heaven. I have here a recipe that uses bagoong as a flavoring, it is known as diningding, a well known recipe in Northern part of the Philippines.

Diningding Ingredient:

cup of Bagoong isda
1 medium size eggplant
1 bundle of ocra
Leftover fried or grill fish
100 gram pork liempo
1 bundle sigarilyas
1 cup of calabasa (squash)
1 cup of saluyot
1 cup of calabasa sprout and flower
1 small bundle of stringbean
2-3 thumb size ginger
1 onion
Salt if needed

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The Benefits Of Plastic Food Packaging

From condiments to fresh meats, frozen vegetables to dried pasta, plastic food packaging comes in many different forms and serves various purposes. The benefits of plastic food packaging go beyond a simple container used to ship and store products. With today’s advanced technology and the growing need for more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, plastic food packaging has come a long way. Not only does plastic allow food to be stored in numerous locations and climates, but it also helps to keep consumers safe, preserve food quality and even reduce waste.

With foods being imported from various parts of the globe to your neighborhood grocery store, there is a growing concern over how fresh the foods remain upon arriving on the store shelves. By packaging foods in plastic, the products keep food fresh through travel and storage. Fresh produce, beverages and even dairy products can remain fresh in plastic packaging even when transported long distances, ensuring consumers are safe from bacteria and foodborne illness.

Food Quality:
Besides keeping food safe from bacteria and spoilage, plastic packaging helps to preserve food quality, as well. Freezer bags, for example, protect foods against freezer burn and ice crystals. Plastic packaging also works as a barrier against negative effects on food quality caused by exposure to moisture or oxygen. By keeping food protected and sealed in plastic packaging, flavors, textures and other quality components remain preserved.

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Very Best Dog Food Brands

Many pet owners are looking for the best dog food brands, because of the tie between food and health.The simple answer is to find the best dog food brands you just need to look at the ingredients listed on the labels.

It would be great if that was the case, but with the encrypted code being used by the pet food companies, it is not that easy.

There are many people telling us healthy food to eat, but its a lot more difficult to find good information on a healthy diet for our pets.

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Mascarpone Cheese – Enjoy The Delicious Taste Of Mascarpone Cheese

The milky white color of Mascarpone cheese comes form the double and triple cream process. The cream used to make it is low in fat. Many times Mascarpone cheese resembles a light colored butter. The unique taste of Mascarpone cheese is due to the fact that the milk comes from cows that are fed a special diet of grasses, herbs, and flowers. It is commonly made in the area of Lombardy.

The process of making Mascarpone cheese involves letting the milk from the cow stand for a length of time. The cream from the milk will rise to the top and it is skimmed off. The cream that remains is placed into large metal containers and then heated to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. During the heating process tartaric acid and water are added to the mixture so it with become thick and dense.

The cream mixture is then cooled and refrigerated for at least 12 hours. They whey in the cream separates during the cooling process. The whey is removed form the mixture and the Mascarpone is placed in cloth bags for an entire day. Any remaining whey is separated during this process. The remaining product that is sold as Mascarpone cheese has a fat content of 47%, one of the highest of all cheese products out there.

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